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Storyteller- Amanda

Read the inspiring story of Amanda

Amanda B., NY


Instagram: @amandalynnbaez


What would being your healthiest self look like?
My healthiest self wouldn’t necessarily be a “look” per say. It’d be someone who can cry once in a while without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. A woman who can express how she feels no matter how she thinks anyone would view her. It’s okay to be sad, it helps with coping for sure. 
Tell us a time where you felt like you stepped into your authentic voice or authentic power.  What does authenticity look like for you?
A Ted Talk Speaker by the name of Professor Patrick McGhee contacted me, he wanted me to be part of this panel and perform my stand up discussing the topic of how humor lifts the spirit on Red Nose Day. Patrick is one of UK’s well known psychologists so to be a part of this was an honor. On that Zoom panel, I truly felt the audience was listening to me, and saw me as some big time comedian from NY (which I hope to one day be). It felt so natural and that’s what authenticity means to me, like I was meant to be there, and that I was using my comedy for good and spreading the word on how laughter is the best medicine. 
Tell us about a time where you overcame a big hurdle.  What got you to the other side?  What would you say to someone going through something hard?
My family has a lineage of bipolar disorders, depression and anxiety. So when it came to a family member being put into a psych ward, it was hard on me because I didn’t know that it was their 3rd time being sent there. My family decided to tell me once I was old enough to understand. It’s really all about talking it out, that’s how I got to the other side. We need to normalize talking about these things because it’s normal to feel certain emotions, we’re human at the end of the day! 
Why is mental health important to you?
Mental health is super important to me because it’s a part of being a human. People won’t know what’s going on until you say something. Our mental health changes as we grow in all stages of life. It affects how we feel, act, think and just helps us determine how we handle certain situations. It’s good to relate to others so we don’t feel alone.
When you think about living your best, boldest life, what does that look like for you?
Living my best, boldest life is simply just waking up every day and doing what you feel like doing. What is going to make you feel fulfilled at the end of the day? For all we know we’re given just once chance at life, why not live it the best way possible!
Tell us something about you that most people get wrong about you.
One thing people always say to me that is completely wrong is that “I have my s*** together,” when I absolutely don’t. Working in the entertainment business looks cool, but it’s beyond stressful and time consuming. I’m still learning as I go, and hope to one day feel secure. This is what I get for picking the freelance route I suppose, but I’m making the best out of it, that’s all you can do. 
What do you think your life's purpose (or your soul's purpose) is?  When did you realize this?
I believe my life’s purpose is to entertain, comedy for sure. I just had all these signs thrown at me growing up and finally at 19 I just went full force with it. I always knew how to make people laugh, whether it was with me or at me. It’s good to shed light on darkness, which is what I do as a comedian. 
What do you love most about yourself?
What I love most about myself is that I’m so optimistic. I try to see the best in everything. I don’t let negative thoughts stop me in the way of my tracks. When I’m set on something, best believe I’m going for it no matter how long it takes. 
What is a piece of advice you would want this reader to know?
Whoever is reading this, I want you to know that life is what YOU yourself make of it. It’s all mind over matter. You are going to be your worst critic, your thoughts are going to be what stops you, no one else. Go after what you want, and do what makes you happy.